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Where Inventiveness meets intellectual property protection

The Delphi-based non-profit ‘Mind the Minds’ was set up when 6 people from different parts of Greece and distinct backgrounds decided to work together in order to promote Greek inventors and patentees.

By creating an active community of inventors, we offer the modern Greek inventor interconnectivity, patenting guidance, visibility and ease of access to the market.


What we have achieved up to now:


Organization of the 2nd big conference on March 11, 2023

A series of monthly online events and webinars

A more extensive reach-out to promote our subscriber packages

Utilization of the European supporting and funding tools to enhance all of the team's activities

Inventor Bank Creation Study (with the help of competent consultants for technical implementation and legal background)

Research, identification and networking between Inventors in Greece and internationally

Networking with similar teams and relevant institutions supporting innovation in Greece and internationally

(HIGGS, ELIDEK, EKEFE Dimokritos, cooperation agreement with the Industrial Property Organization (OBI), talks with representatives of the European Patent Office (EPO), the Community Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO) and the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO))

Continuous training of our team members on innovation and intellectual property issues

Attracting sponsors



Our initiatives and interventions

We are addressing all Greek inventors who wish to bring their invention to the market, patentees who have experience and knowledge to share and all professionals within the innovation and entrepreneurial ecosystem who can contribute to our creative efforts.

We are also addressing all stakeholders, private and public, especially those involved in industrial property and education, who understand the importance of innovation and entrepreneurship and can support our effort in any way.

Finally, we reach out to those members of society who believe that initiative and intervention are not only welcome opportunities for thoughtful citizens, but also an obligation of every citizen who wishes to contribute to the advancement of their society and set a valuable role model in their community.


Mutual support & community

We mainly operate by organizing meetings between those who are thinking of taking the first step and those who are already on the way, possibly close to their destination. We aim to support each other and build a community. Believing in collective effort, we put the abilities and skills of the individual at the service of the whole.

We create collaborative networks with a cohesive web of common purpose and the joy of creation.

Above all, we do not rest on momentary successes, but by completing one action we are already planning the next, in a sequence with direction, purpose and meaning.


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